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Scale, save time,
and eliminate mistakes.

Let Tax Admin App do the leg work for you while you recover your time,
nurture your client relationships, and grow your business instead.

Essentials vs Pro

Centralised IRD communications
Automated tax letter collection
Real-time tax agency updates
Automatic letter archiving tool
Set logic rules for processing letters
View history of actions taken
Client and manager list XPM integration
Collaborative multi-user access
Customisable branding and template emails
FreePricing schedule below

Tax Admin App Pro pricing schedule

0 – 2500 client tax numbers$0.25 per tax number for the fist 2500
2500 – 5000 client tax numbers$0.20 per tax number for the next 2500 above the initial 2500
5000 – 7500 client tax numbers$0.15 per tax number for the next 2500 above the first 5000
Additional client tax numbers$0.10 per additional tax number above 7,500

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