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Free your accounting practice from
Tax Admin

Cut tax administration time by 90%.
Read, triage and notify clients automatically – all from our IRD and ATO integrated inbox.

Automated collection, reading, sending and archiving of tax office comms for clients and staff

Customisable logic rules to decide where each letter type goes

Craft personalised, branded emails using editable templates

Import information seamlessly through our Tax Office and XPM integrations

Tax Admin App in 30 seconds

Essentials plan – free for life

What’s in it for me?

Partner & Owner

Achieve higher profitability, operational efficiency and customer retention with a simple, low-risk, low-cost software solution.


Gain confidence that everyone receives a world-class service, enhance your client communication at tax time, and focus on relationships, not admin.

Tax administrator

Save time on repetitive admin tasks, shift time to higher-value more fulfilling work, and empower your colleagues with valuable insights.


Tax Admin App is an IRD and ATO-integrated tool that brings all your client tax letters into one place, reducing tax letter administration time by 90%. It automates the collection, reading, sending and archiving of tax office communications for clients and staff.

Tax Admin App Essentials automates the collection, reading and archiving of tax letters for your accounting practice. Tax Admin App Pro enhances the flow of communication within your business and outwards to your clients. Tax Admin App Pro automates next step actions relating to tax letters, and our XPM integration ensures letters can be sent directly to clients, staff or both.

Tax Admin Essentials – Free tier

Tax Admin Pro – this is a tiered scale based on the number of tax numbers your practice has

  • 25 cents per tax number up to 2,500 tax numbers
  • 20 cents per tax number from 2,500 to 5,000 tax numbers
  • 15 cents per tax number from 5,000 to 7,500 tax numbers
  • 10 cents per tax number for each additional tax number

Contact us on [email protected] for information on annual billing discounts.

As an example, a practice with 4,000 IRD numbers saves $34,000 by replacing 1.5 days per week spent on tax administration.

Click sign up in the navigation bar and enter your details. You’ll need to validate your email and set a password before being redirected back to the App to complete onboarding.

Visit our Help centre for more detailed support documents, or reach out via email at [email protected] or call 0800 800 046

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