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Creating the best customer experience when you’re just delivering compliance

an accountant is having a client meeting in the meeting room

A key issue accountants face is their work is often undervalued by their clients – particularly if that work is compliance. At Plugin Accountant, we’ve found ways to improve this experience for both clients and accountants.

The typical accountant’s customer experience looks like this:

1. They do their own bookkeeping which they find both a chore and poor use of their time
2. They have to answer lots of questions at the end of the year, which seem irrelevant and repetitive
3. Once the questionnaire is complete, they have to wait for a pack of information which doesn’t add anything to their business
4. They’re given a tax bill
5. They have to pay the accountant

That’s a lot of work, time and cost without much joy. How can we turn this around as a profession?

We envision the customer experience should be more like this:

Discovery and relaxation
• You discuss with your accountant what you want to achieve in your business, and what the relationship will be on an ongoing basis
• You agree on the services that you’d like to buy and an upfront fee is set, with the rest spread over the year
• You can relax knowing you’ve appointed the right accountant, leaving you with one less headache

Connection and sharing
• You can ask as many questions as you like without extra charges
• Your accountant explains what information they need, so you pay less tax
• The questions are brief and to the point
• You’re well-informed on how your accounts are looking, and understand the accounting cycle
• Your accountant will remind you about missing filing dates or tax payments
• Your needs as a business owner are heard, with your accountant as your advisor and supporter

• You pay less tax
• You can relax with the knowledge that you are compliant with all statutory rules and regulations
• You have an accounting professional on your side who can give you impartial advice while knowing all about you and your business

This looks like a no-brainer to us. How can we reach this kind of customer experience? We’ve made the answer simple.

Use technology
• By using great tech, you remove the noise of admin and focus on the needs of your client

Put the customer at the heart of your business
• Think of your accounting business as a service business, not a profession. This changes the dynamic significantly from hierarchical to ‘peer-to-peer’

• One of the most important things an accountant should be doing is ‘explaining’. The literal definition of our profession is the measurement, processing and communication of meaning

This is where we come in. Our practice management software minimises the cost and effort of onboarding, compliance, and advisory – leaving you time to focus on these more customer-focused areas (or what you value the most). Visit us at to find out more!


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