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Let’s say you want to demonstrate your value to a client.

You could talk all day long about the intangible value we bring to your clients. Accountants relieve stress for their clients by doing the things they don’t want (or have time) to do, with the support and advice they need.

Yet, does this really add up to value they can visualise?

This value can be easily felt in other professions – an architect brings your vision into physical reality, a doctor makes you feel better, and a lawyer defends you from legal attack.

How can accountants create tangible, provable value for clients, and explain it in a way that makes sense to business owners? After all, this is what makes the job meaningful and satisfying for many.

Here are a few practical, measurable steps you can take:

1. Quantify how much tax we save our clients through our work
2. Prove how much interest and penalties we can help our clients avoid
3. Charge an amount for our work which makes the clients think “Wow, that’s a good deal!”
4. Share business information that creates demonstrable business improvement

Plugin Accountant helps accountants stop defending their bills, so they can enjoy a more positive relationship with their clients and communities.

? We’ve mapped data which can demonstrate that, on average, accountants save their clients over $4,000 every year in tax bills.

? Clients save 17% in interest and penalties through our software’s automatic tax payment reminders (and follow-up emails), along with advice if they have inadvertently posted to the wrong tax account.

⌛ We’ve removed a lot of expensive admin from the process of preparing annual accounts for our clients, meaning we can charge less. On average, we’ve reduced the process for each client group, per year, by 8 hours.

? Client Xero files and other live data are linked as benchmarks so clients can compare themselves to their competitors (and their own budget with previous years).

This is just the start of the value accountants provide for business owners – discover your full potential as a beneficial partner to your clients with Plugin Accountant.


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